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What would it mean to you to get a good nights sleep?

Insomnia is known as one of the most difficult afflictions to live with. Our physiology needs sleep to function; so what do you do when your mind won’t switch off? The real paradox is that the more you need to sleep the less easily it comes.

If I could show you how to re-train your body and your mind to get more sleep would you be interested in finding out more?

There is no off the shelf solution to insomnia – if there was then the person who discovered it would be a millionaire overnight. However learning to sleep better is something that many people have done and you can too.

The process involves us working together to discover what’s keeping you awake and coming up with a strategy to overcome it. Along the way we will discover what youneed to do to switch off, which will be very different to what someone else needs to do. We can then re-train your mind to be more receptive to sleep. An important part of the process is for you to learn how to make the sleep that you do have more enjoyable for you. Things that we enjoy come easier to us.

Most people will notice some improvement in their sleep after only 1 or 2 sessions. For some, 3 sessions taken over a relatively short period of time is enough to make a lasting change while for others a few more sessions will be needed spread over a longer period of time.

We will create a complete programme to help with your insomnia which may include hypnotherapy, NLP and stress management. For many people a combination of all of these is most effective.

I offer help with insomnia using hypnotherapy and NLP from either of my 2 practice locations in Worksop and Blyth.

I offer a free initial consultation in person, by phone or using Skype to help you decide if I am the right therapist for you.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and stress management - Worksop Nottinghamshire

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