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What is therapy?

Quite simply modern therapy is:
  • Asking for professional help when something is not as you would like it to be
  • A socially acceptable thing to do
  • Something that last a short time (2-6 sessions on average)
  • Life changing (in a good way!)
  • Often fun
  • Something that many wish they had done earlier

I offer several forms of therapy – perhaps one of them will be suitable for you?


A natural, safe and effective way to deal with many of life’s challenges. Hypnotherapy has quite rightly earned the reputation of being a vehicle for rapid change. Read more

Stress management

Modern life is fast and hectic and can often leave us feeling overwhelmed as well as physically and mentally exhausted. Stress management can range from a few sessions to give you some new coping strategies through to helping rebuild your life after a breakdown. Stress management may or may not be used in conjunction with hypnosis depending on your preferences. Read more.

Which one is for me?

It doesn’t matter if you are confused by the terminology that I’m using. These therapies (and others that I haven’t mentioned) are just the tools of my trade. The chances are that we won’t discuss any of them in too much detail we will just use whatever works best for you.

I offer a free initial consultation in person, by phone or using Skype to help you decide if I am the right therapist for you.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and stress management - Worksop Nottinghamshire

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