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Why Positive Changes?

Why positive changes?

Positive Changes is not a training company. Positive Changes is run by myself, Tony Leake. I will personally deliver your course and I offer far more than a theoretical knowledge of stress management. I have a unique experience of business and stress which enables me to engage people on a different level.

A 35 year career working for small and large companies across a variety of business sectors from shop floor to director level has given me the business experience. Not taking notice of stress and becoming ill as a result has given me a unique perspective on stress. Working as a therapist 1-2-1 with hundreds of people and helping them to cope with pressure through to helping those who have suffered a breakdown has shown me the many different ways that people are affected by stress.

The value that I add is twofold:

  • There is a plethora of free information about stress management available on the Internet and many excellent books have been written on the subject. In fact there is so much information available that when people need it and are searching for it wondering which advice to follow can add to the feeling of overwhelm. My experience allows me to distill the information down to the skills that are most effective for the greatest number of people
  • The real value comes though when people begin to ask questions. I understand how to answer them
Positive Changes – an experience not a training course
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