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perfect exam preparation

Perfect Exam Preparation Audio Programme

This audio programme is supplied as a digital download. You will receive your download link as soon as you complete checkout, for convenience it will also be emailed to you.

PLEASE NOTE. The programme is supplied as a zip file and so should usually be downloaded onto a computer. Once you’ve downloaded it you can, if you want to, transfer the recordings to a phone or other mobile device.

While some phones are able to handle zip files, please only download in this way if you know what you are doing as we will not be able to offer any technical support.

Digital Download

The programme is priced at £29.99. For a limited time, the price has been reduced to just £19.99!

What is Included?

As a reminder, when you purchase the programme you will receive the following items.

PDF Documents

  • How to use the recordings
  • A simple breathing exercise which can be used to feel calm quickly in difficult situations
  • A 2 minute relaxation technique which can be used anywhere, including during an exam to clear the mind and to refocus
  • General tips about study and exam preparation

Non hypnotic recordings

  • A recording of the 2 minute relaxation to aid in learning

Hypnotic recordings

  • Learning to relax. This teaches you to condition yourself to relax deeper and more often. It’s useful for anyone, not just those taking exams!
  • Super confidence. This recording is also useful for anyone. Learn at a subconscious level how to turn up your confidence, concentration as well as how to turn down any unwanted feelings or thoughts.
  • Great revision and preparation. This recording is designed to create the correct mental state for revision and to aid memory and recall.
  • The perfect exam. This is the core of the programme. It’s used to create the correct mental state and preparedness for the exam.
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