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Below is a small selection of  examples of how I’ve helped others.

Fear of needles

Just an appreciation status for this wonderful man who helped me to overcome my needle phobia. He deserves the recognition and the credit. Since my hypnotherapy I have had 3 blood tests where i was on my own every time- this being my own choice! (If i can master it on my own then surely having someone else with me next time is easier, right?) It seems to get that little bit easier every time i go. Proud and grateful are understatements. I am so appreciative of this man for helping me overcome the biggest hurdle i will ever experience in my life!

Charlotte Boyd Chesterfield (testimonial was left as a facebook status and used with permission)

Hypnosis recordings

Absolutely love your hypnosis Tony , can’t thank you enough , I’ve listened to quite a lot of hypnosis over the past 3 years and your voice is by far the best !!!

Jo Money – Chesterfield

Overcoming fears.

I met Tony on our NLP Master Practitioner training and I instantly knew he was an accomplished, thoughtful and supportive coach. So he was the perfect person to pick to help me overcome the fears I had around jumping my horse.

As a Confidence Coach for Horse Riders myself I was very aware of what I needed from someone and Tony is very skilled in helping his clients to overcome fears and feel motivated. I knew that I had a fear associated with a particular feeling and noise when jumping, so we worked to change this to something else (this was something I couldn’t do for myself).

After just one session I’m now enjoying jumping again and well on track to completing my challenge of a BE80 1 day event for charity in summer 2017. Thank you Tony!


Working with anxiety.

I had issues with anxiety following several traumatic events. Tony couldn’t have been easier to speak with openly, I felt very much at ease with Tony and he explained everything , involved me in the treatment plan and assessed my anxiety levels accordingly. The hypnotherapy sessions themselves were enjoyable and very effective indeed.

After my initial , in depth session I felt imbued with a lasting calmness and like my old self straight away.

I had a further session with Tony at my insistence as even though I felt much calmer, I wanted to ensure the anxiety didn’t return. I also very much enjoyed the hypnotherapy sessions with Tony. I have been hypnotised twice before, which I also enjoyed, but I did feel Tony is the most caring, thorough and professional therapist I have seen, hence the actual hypnotherapy was much more effective.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Tony Leake to anyone experiencing emotional or stressful issues, my treatment with Tony was extremely positive and effective.


Dealing with anxiety and learning to live again. August 2016

Background: I had suffered with anxiety, low confidence and self esteem for many years. I had many different therapies with varying degrees of success. However, I still felt ‘stuck’ and unable to move forward with my life. A friend recommended Tony and I began hypnotherapy with some trepidation and skepticism.

What I learnt: I learnt to trust a complete stranger. I learnt that it’s OK to be vulnerable. I learnt to stop, relax properly and challenge the internal negative mental chatter. I learnt that I have the skills I need, I had just forgotten how to use them. I learnt to think that ‘I CAN’ rather than ‘I can’t’.

The result: Tony has given me the metaphorical ‘wheels’ to move forward with my life and I actually feel excited about my future; something I’ve not felt for many years. I’ve boarded a train, been to a University reunion, and booked a holiday; all things I would never have contemplated before hypnotherapy.

About Tony: Tony is someone with a genuine and clear-cut desire to help people. I can spout off positive adjectives ’till the cows come home, but the greatest impact he has had on my life is that he has given me the tools to really ‘live’ again.

So Tony, thank you doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface…Alaska next!

Sam 🙂

Sam – Worksop.

Learning to deal with negative thoughts.

In the past I’ve been suffering with low confidence and anxiety for some years. The main symptoms were felt during a working day or the run up to the start of the working week.

I first met with Tony after speaking to him at a Networking event, he was easily approachable, easy to talk too and it was soon clear that I could speak to him in confidence about the problems I experienced.

I was quite surprised at how much better I felt even after one session with Tony. I came away with a good understanding of how to relax and most importantly to me, the ability to pass negative thoughts and think clearly. One of my favorite sessions was understanding my subconscious thought process and how to see situations from a 3rd person perspective.

Tony is a wonderfully kind and caring person and this is reflected in the way I feel following my sessions with him. I am pleased to say I am able to handle my anxiety well but I know should I need any further assistance Tony will be my first contact.

P.F Lincolnshire

Anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

I suffered with depression, panic attacks and a very embarrassing phobia. I decided to try something different, not knowing much about hypnotherapy. Tony helped me see depression and anxiety from a different perspective and helped me control it, instead of it controlling me.

Tony is an understanding and compassionate person. I loved how relaxed the environment was, making me feel at ease to discuss personal things.

If you are reading this don’t let your problems whatever it may be eat away at you, I was one of those people. You have nothing to lose and I promise you you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for everything Tony

Anonymous – Nottinhamshire

Dealing with a fear of the dentist and overcoming the need to have sedation.

Thank you sooooo much!!

I listened to the relaxation cd an hour before the appointment and I was so calm. I didn’t lose my breath, panic or even feel scared. I sat in the chair without gripping the sides and even laid back in it much more easily… it was still a bit scary that bit, but I thought of my calm place and that worked.

……… finally he would take of the temporary and fix the permanent crown which can be with or without sedation, but judging by today I would be able to manage that without.

…….. At the end after all that he needed to take my blood pressure and I was expecting it to be through the roof as it normally is in a doctor’s office… white coat syndrome they call it. Anyway it was marginally up on my relaxed pressure at home in bed… after all the dentist stuff as well. Boy did your stuff really work for me!!!

[My husband] was well impressed with my whole calm manner and has never seen it before in this situation.

Ms H – Derbyshire

Client with long term anxiety and IBS. No longer taking IBS medication.

I came to see Tony in regards to my very bad Aniexty and stress. I’m very open minded was was willing to try anything to help me. I was very stressed at work and couldn’t keep control of myself , always crying , which was causing more problems with my IBS.

I explained to Tony that I didn’t like being like this an being out of control and not handling day to day things very well. After weeks of Tony helping me with breathing exercises and talking about what was worse for me and listening on how to control my life things changed for the better.

When I first was seeing Tony I was on IBS tablets , now I no longer take them as I realized the stress was causing my IBS to be worse. I have also got control of myself at work and now I have been trained in customer services that I handle amazingly , the best thing as well is that other people have noticed a difference in me , I’m more confident , more calm and feel in control of me and my life. Seeing Tony was the best thing I could ever have done and I thank him so much for being there to help and guild me. I recommend 100%
Sharon Culley

A client who had suffered bullying at work.

I had suffered bullying at work for many years.

I found Tony very easy to talk to and not judgmental at all. He also accepted that as a man I could express my experiences and did not feel that I had to meet up to any sexist stereotypes of how a man should be, i.e that we have to accept being teased.

As a result I feel that I have managed to put the bullying behind me and that others would benefit from his work.

Anonymous – Nottinhamshire

Client with a 30 year phobia of birds offers a progress report.

I took my little one to feed the ducks the other day by the lake near ours. Prior to our work ducks were about the only bird I could tolerate. I wish I could have videoed what happened next for you.

We got the bread out at one end of the lake and a load of seagulls just swooped towards us and away again.

My reaction was to laugh and think it was fun. I think my son was amazed because normally I would have run away or got really upset at least. I was so happy walking back from the Lake as previously those encounters would have me beating myself up cos I was passing on my fears to the boys.

Well I am not quite up to keeping pigeons (!) yet but have made amazing progress thanks to you.

Helen Priestly – Malton

A post on facebook about helping a 6 year old girl with a needle phobia.

We are truly thankful to say after a year of xxxx’s weekly injections, major battles, utter fear & such distressing times. We finally have turned a corner & now manage the injections with no tears (I don’t have to pin her down either!!) & in a relatively calm manner.

A few months ago we were at the end of our tether & didn’t know who or where to turn, we’d tried all sorts of things but everything failed. I was recommended to a hypnotherapist & I’m so pleased we decided to meet, we have had some fantastic therapy sessions, have learnt lots of relaxation techniques & are now a happy family, this is a priceless feeling that we can’t explain!! A huge thank you Tony Leake

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