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Group coaching

Group coaching.

  • Team performance
  • Improving communication
  • Coaching for leadership
  • Values led training
  • Stress management. See stress in the workplace for further information
  • Motivation
  • Other people based challenges

It’s no accident that some of the most successful companies on the planet right now are the ones who invest the most in people development. You are more likely to be hired by Google, Apple or Facebook if you have the right mindset rather than having the correct ‘hard’ skills.

In fact Google began with a philosophy and a set of values even before it had a product. It’s also no accident that many other companies are now following suit and investing as many resources developing the subtle-skills of their people as they are in training them in hard-skills.

You probably know that the most valuable people in your business are the ones who understand it, believe in it and want it to succeed. Not surprisingly studies show that companies who invest in people perform better in the areas of staff retention, absenteeism and motivation.


All people are unique and so are all teams of people. That is why I don’t offer any off the shelf solutions apart from a stress awareness course. It is only after meeting the managers as well as the team that I am able to put together a bespoke training solution to meet your needs.

When you engage me to help with any area of your staff development we will begin by defining a set of outcomes:

  • What would you like to be different as a result of the coaching?
  • What behaviours should be encouraged?
  • What behaviours should the discouraged?
  • What messages should be re-enforced?
  • What skills would you like your team to gain?
  • What evidence will be have that the coaching has been successful?

    We can then put together a package of action which may include:

  • Deliver 1-2-1 coaching if appropriate
  • A series of group workshops based on the needs of the team
  • A review of what has been achieved
  • Why me?

    I work with people not problems.

    My career which spans almost 35 years has taken me through all levels of business from the shop floor through to Director level. I have worked for small companies and the largest corporations. I have helped to take start up companies from the kitchen table planning stage through to being multi million pound success’.

    I apply this life experience, along with the skills that come from my work as a coach and a therapist, to understand people and their challenges and to lead and inspire positive change.

    Tony recently worked with one of our College teams to enable them to work towards greater integration and increased performance. His approach is one of group and individual work and is personalised to the issues and the people resulting in genuine improvements and very positive feedback from those involved.

    Chris Newbury. Senior HR Business Manager – North Notts College.

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