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Coaching is about becoming an better version of who you already are

Coaching is many things to many people however it is always:
  • Forward facing. Understanding the present, defining a desired future and moving towards it
  • Letting go of “I can’t” and turning it into “I can”
  • Letting go of self limiting beliefs
    • – I’m not good enough to do X
    • – I’m just not cut out for Y
    • – I’m too old/ too young
  • About getting results
  • About understanding ourselves better. It is only with self awareness that we can move to self mastery.

Coaching is as effective for teams as it is for individuals.

Coaching is not:
  • Therapy. Therapy looks to the past and asks “how did I get here and how do I learn to be at peace with that”
  • Mentoring. Mentors share their skills in a particular field with others who are on the same path
  • Consultancy. Consultants bring specialised knowledge such as IT or accountancy skills to help you deal with a particular problem. A consultant will either do a job for you, or tell you exactly how you should do it
What a coach does.
  • A coach will ask you questions that are designed to challenge you. Questions that you may not have thought to ask yourself or difficult questions that you may have asked yourself but chosen not to answer
  • A coach will encourage you to move out of your comfort zone and into your stretch zone
  • A coach will help you to look at things differently which will give you more choices. In any situation having choice is always preferable to only having one course of action

I offer a free initial consultation by phone or using Skype to help you decide if I am the right coach for you.

Coaching from my office in Worksop Nottinhamshire, at your office, a neutral location or worldwide by Skype

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