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A few words from others

Getting my mojo back

Graham Cosier – Business owner. January 2017

Personal trasformation

The whole process over the last six months has been fantastic I feel quite sad that it’s over as I have enjoyed being challenged, questioned, and also laughed at (in a good way!!).

It’s been stimulating and uncomfortable at times but always productive. I have sometimes been left feeling bewildered and confused over what I felt but always felt safe and reassured that all was well.

It’s been like unraveling a hugely knotted ball of wool.

I feel I am so much more honest with myself and therefore with others. One of the big reasons I was so unhappy was because I was such a ‘people pleaser’, putting everyone else’s wishes before my own felt so natural. I just didn’t know who I was or what I really felt about anything much at all. And now it feels completely the other way round. It’s not that I don’t care about people’s feelings anymore, just not at my own expense. It feels so empowering. 

I like being unique and different now. I don’t feel a fear any more! I like ME.

I’m proud of myself and what I have and who I am. Before we started working together I had brief glimpses of my potential but I couldn’t access them. It was like chasing clouds. I couldn’t find my way through the fog of self doubt and self judgement and feeling like I was actually quite crazy at times!

So bit by bit, using all your strategies and techniques and processes I got braver and stronger and more secure in my own ability to be who I was born to be.

I still have to watch out for the critical voices but actually sometimes they are helpful in keeping me structured and on time for work and stuff like that so I’m happy to hear what they have to say and dismiss them if they’re just being unkind!!

I don’t know where my journey will take me next but I know I’m looking forwards to it with excitement and anticipation.

It’s been such a pleasure working with you, I sincerely hope it continues in some way, and wish you the very best with all your new endeavours.

HS December 2016

Overcoming fears

I met Tony on our NLP Master Practitioner training and I instantly knew he was an accomplished, thoughtful and supportive coach. So he was the perfect person to pick to help me overcome the fears I had around jumping my horse.

As a Confidence Coach for Horse Riders myself I was very aware of what I needed from someone and Tony is very skilled in helping his clients to overcome fears and feel motivated. I knew that I had a fear associated with a particular feeling and noise when jumping, so we worked to change this to something else (this was something I couldn’t do for myself).

After just one session I’m now enjoying jumping again and well on track to completing my challenge of a BE80 1 day event for charity in summer 2017. Thank you Tony!

Jenni December 2016

Changing a mindset

When Tony said he likes to work with people with a challenge, I wondered whether he could be the coach for me, and I was right. As a coach myself, I had been trying to sort out a problem I had by myself using the skills and tools that I would use with people I coach. But it wasn’t working, simply because I was too close to it all and I needed someone who could spot what I was missing and ask me questions I hadn’t thought of.

Tony definitely did this. In fact, he exceeded my expectations. By the end of the first session I had a tool I could use to change my mindset to a more productive and realistic one, whilst also being kinder to myself! By the end of the second session I had experienced a great ‘light-bulb’ moment, which came about through Tony’s deep listening skills, his ability to feedback to me something that hadn’t occurred to me, and his ability to maximise how I learn best to help me arrive at appropriate next steps.

Things have changed for the better for me now. My issue isn’t an issue, and my mindset about it all is much more positive.

Thanks Tony, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to others, including us coaches!

Debbie Inglis, Performance Coach, UK

Changing limiting beliefs

Awesome! in no time at all, Tony had identified issues/mindsets that were in truth false, and has shown me the path to overcome them.

BD – Business Owner

I’ve had an really positive coaching session with Tony, absolutely fascinating and I came away feeling buoyant and motivated. His methodology is practical, professional and very easy to understand. No jargon, no judgement, and I thoroughly recommend his services.

AR – Business Builder

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