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Increase Your Creativity

Stretch your Brain! As part of their training, London taxi drivers have to take an exam called The Knowledge. This involves memorizing every single street in London as well as learning 300 of the most common routes. In 2000 Dr Eleanor Maguire from University College London led a research project

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Forget the Facts and Remember What is Most Useful

My Daughter, who is 10, goes to a drama club and they put on plays a couple of times a year. The plays are really well produced and she absolutely loves going. In fact I think if she had to give up all of her activities apart from 1, this

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Loud, louder, loudest. Using your voice as a tool of influence.

Personal development doesn’t always have to be about the big things in life, like changing attitudes or hunting down and squashing limiting beliefs. This is the first of a series of articles the looks at the smaller and often overlooked aspects of personal growth. Don’t let that fool you though

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