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At Positive Changes we don’t sell training courses or off the shelf solutions. What we offer is years of experience problem solving at all levels of business coupled with a specialist knowledge and understanding of how people think and how to get the best from them.

We understand and celebrate the unpredictability and uniqueness of people so we design and deliver Real Solutions for Real People in the Real World.

A few areas that we can help with include:


Miscommunication causes frustration, poor motivation and things being done badly. You only have to think of the game of Chinese Whispers to understand how a great idea can quickly be turned into something else entirely.

Great communication makes thing run more smoothly, always.

Motivation can be dressed up in many ways but cutting through the hype, it's just a feeling. You either feel like doing something or you don't. The question then becomes, how do you get that feeling and how do you instill it in others?

Employees do as they are asked because they have to. When they also feel like they want to the job will be done faster, easier, with less mistakes and less stress.

Same People + Same Room = Same Ideas and Solutions.

There are many benefits to having an external person to facilitate meetings. They see things through the eyes of a bystander with no emotional attachment to any outcome. They ask for clarification to things which may seem obvious to insiders and they will ask the questions that no one else has thought to ask.

Areas which can benefit from facilitation include:

  • Decision Making
  • Planning
  • Blue Sky Thinking

None of these things happen randomly, they are all processes and if processes are not followed then random results often occur. Ideas generation, often known as blue sky thinking, is a great example of this. Ideas are often hurriedly thrashed out around a flip chart, often being pre-judged, and many are consigned to the bin before given a real hearing.

Imagine what would have happened if Walt Disney had conducted this kind of 'brainstorming' session. People called his idea of turning Snow White into the first animated feature film crazy and even named it Disney's Folly. The way that many businesses of today conduct their thinking would have resulted in the film never being made and probably the end of Disney's company.

Blue Sky thinking is a process. A process which begins with nothing more than a desire to come up with something new and finishes with a fully fledged idea along with a fully critiqued plan of how to put it into action.

It's easy to see why many leadership training courses talk about the importance of having the Likability factor. Employees who like their manager are more likely to give that little bit extra and to do so willingly. This results in increased productivity for the company and employees who are less stressed.

Likability is not some magical thing that we are either born with or not – it's a skill which like any skill can be learned.

In 1995 Daniel Goleman published a ground-breaking book Emotional Intelligence. He asked the question why do so many people of high intelligence fail in life, while many people with a low or average intelligence rise to the top.

His answer, which has become almost universally accepted, was that as well IQ, which is the traditionally accepted method of measuring intelligence, there is another factor at work. He called this Emotional Intelligence or EQ.

Goleman's studies found that people who are well adjusted emotionally are far more likely to excel in life. He identified 5 key areas or Competencies which people with a high EQ share.

  • Self awareness
  • Self regulation
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social skill

Over the last 10 years many more studies have taken place and many more books have been written on the subject. While there is a lot of theory on why people with a high EQ perform better in life, there has been little written on how to gain these skills.

Effective training and coaching can lead to increased awareness and competency in these areas which leads to more effective performance.

When teams are dysfunctional, results are poor, motivation is low and people become stressed. When teams work well together the result is greater than the sum of the parts.

There simply is no packaged solution or magic pill for a poorly functioning team. The only way forward is to understand the team, their likes and dislikes, their beliefs and values and the complex way that they interact with others and their part of the whole. Only once this has been done, a solution can be designed get things moving again.

Many people never reach their full potential. As human beings we seem to have an uncanny knack of putting obstacles in own own way and self sabotaging. We often have patterns of behaviour that we're not aware of and this, coupled with deeply ingrained habits and attitudes, can make life like driving with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake.

One-to-one coaching is often an effective solution that helps to release the brakes and get moving again.

How do you spell cheese? Most people would say C-H-E-E-S-E and while that is correct those letters are the output or result and not the process.

When spelling that word, many people think of a piece of cheese (perhaps create a mental image), then they create an image of the word which they then spell out loud. This is the unconscious and internal process. It doesn't matter what the word is the process remains the same. This is the process or strategy used by most good spellers and can be taught to poor spellers.

Ask a top salesperson how they achieve so much they might tell you how they create lists, how they qualify leads and the words that they use to close a sale. They don't tell you what the internal process is because they are not aware of it.

That is why promoting that person to sales manager rarely results in them training others to reach the same level of success.

Modeling is a process to learn and teach the internal processes. It's used is sports training as well as any area of human excellence. You could say that modeling finds the difference that makes the difference.

Imagine being able to take your top achiever in any area and replicate that throughout your company.

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