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Executive Summary

Positive Changes is about people and helping them to develop to their full potential.

Much of the work that I do with companies focuses on teams and departments.  I also offer very niche 1-2-1 coaching through my other website (



Positive Changes is essentially me, Tony Leake although I can bring in other people when needed. 

I began my career almost 40 years ago. Since then I have worked in many different industries and at all levels beginning from apprentice to director.

A common thread that runs through everything that I’ve done is problem-solving. That, combined with my ability to foster trust and create relationships, gives me an edge.



The value  that I bring come from 2 areas.

My experience.  I’ve worked on the ‘shop floor’, I’ve run large scale projects for multi-million pound companies and I’ve devised solutions that have redefined how companies operate. I bring all of that experience to every assignment that I work on.

My training. I’m a qualified Master Practitioner of NLP. This has entailed (to date) over 500 hours of study, the majority of this has been in face-to-face sessions in small, immersive groups.

If you haven’t come across NLP before, that’s OK, it’s just one of the tools that I have in my toolkit.  A simple definition would be that it’s a framework and a set of tools which can be used to understand and affect the behaviour of others.

You could say that my work is NLP applied to people in the workplace.


Why Me?

Only you can answer that.

The work that I do is often referred to as soft-skills and that area the single most important factor on whether we can work together successfully is simply this: Am I a good fit for your organisation?

Whatever questions that you have, give me a call and let’s start a conversation.


Previous Clients

I have:

  • Delivered training workshops for small companies with as few as 3 employees
  • Run training sessions within large multi-national companies
  • Designed and delivered a large-scale training programme for a FTSE 250 company
  • Worked in many different industry sectors including education, healthcare, accountancy and charities

I work with several local charities as a volunteer therapist/coach and have in the past been a member of the board of trustees for Mind, the mental health charity. I am currently serving as a community governor for a local secondary school.

A small cross-section of companies that I have worked with includes
the following.

mobile:07905 495202