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About me.

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Tony Leake Dip CHH, Adv Dip. Psm, Dip NLP, EFTMP.
I am….
  • A husband, father, son, brother
  • A coach and a therapist
  • A guitar player in a rock band
  • President of Sheffield Speakers Club
  • A volunteer therapist at MIND
  • A volunteer speaker for World Child Cancer
  • And ……

Other people say …..
  • That I have
    • A lovely calm temperament
    • Lots of tools in my toolbox
    • A natural willingness to genuinely help others
  • That I am
    • Very knowledgeable with a lot of life experience
    • A great listener
    • Inspiring, cheerful and calming
    • sincere, attentive
    • Insightful
I say that…….
  • As a hypnotherapist I help people fix things that are not as they would like them to be.
  • As a coach I help people to choose their future rather than allowing life to happen to them.

When all is said and done though – I view it all as coaching. I don’t tell anyone what to do, I don’t have a magic wand to fix problems. I do however believe that everybody has the ability, the skills and the strength to do whatever they choose. It’s just that some people don’t really believe that in themselves right now. I can help with that.

We were all born with the belief that we can do anything and that no amount of setbacks can stop us. If we didn’t have that belief none of us would have learned how to walk. It doesn’t matter how many times a child falls over she just keeps on getting up and trying again. Just imagine how amazing your life would be right now if you still lived by those rules.

The great news is though that we don’t ever lose that ability – although we may forget where we put it for a while.

One of the most important things that I’ve learned is that it’s OK not to do things perfectly. We can relax and enjoy life more when we accept that some things will and some things won’t turn out as planned and not to worry either way.

It’s a very humbling experience to walk a few miles with others along their journey – if you choose to work with me I look forward to being part of your discoveries and your growth.


I have the qualifications, the insurance, professional body membership and experience to support my work.

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training – the course is recognised and certified under the National Occupational Standards.
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Pegasus NLP – full length, full syllabus NLP training.
  • Diploma in advanced stress management. College of Integrated Therapies – Distinction.
  • Diploma in smoking cessation. College of Integrated Therapies
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Master Practitioner.
  • Emotional Transformation Practitioner.
  • Additional hypnotherapy training in the areas of weight management,anxiety and pain management.

I am a member of and regulated by the General Hypnotherapy Register.
I hold professional indemnity and public liability insurance underwritten by Zurich insurance.

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