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Monthly Archives: June 2014

How do you motivate yourself?

I was working with a client recently who told me she finds it difficult doing jobs around the house. As a result her home was never the way that she felt it should be, her self esteem had plummeted, she felt worthless and was beginning to show signs of anxiety.

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10 minutes to a healthier lifestyle.

When I ask people about things that cause them stress, time is something that comes up again and again. It’s a busy world out there and most of us are under increasing pressure to fit more into our already hectic schedule. One of the few things that’s constant for everybody

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Therapy is not a dirty word

The aim of this blog is to dispel once and for all the misconception that therapy is a dirty word and should only be spoken about in hushed tones, and then with a slight feeling of embarrassment. After all the definition of therapy, according to oxforddictionaries.com is “Treatment intended to

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