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Executive Summary

People Matter – period.



A good business relies on good people. Even the most outstanding people need nurturing and support.

Hiring good people and then not helping them to develop is like owning a thoroughbred horse and not racing it. Without stimulation and challenge, both will eventually atrophy to the level of the ordinary.


Coaching and training – but it’s so much more than that.

When it comes to hard skills such as learning how to write macros in Excel, off the shelf training is perfect.

Individuals are unique and teams have personalities. Both require a tailored approach to help them to develop fully.

Packaged training puts people into boxes. If you truly want them to develop you need to do it in a way that takes them out of the boxes that they’re already in.


The ‘how’ is unique to you and your teams.

People development is about the person or team in front of you and asking what do they need? Which of their strengths, if nurtured, would help them to grow exponentially? What do they need in order to do their best thinking, to be most inspired?

Inspired people who are thinking well are the people who change the world.

Now What?

If you are considering ways to develop your people, whether that is leadership development, soft skills training, improving team dynamics or something else then give me a call and let’s begin a conversation.

mobile:07905 495202