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The pressure to do well in exams has never been greater.

Schools and colleges are increasingly targeted on their pass rates, universities and employers are demanding ever higher qualifications all of which result in higher stress levels for pupils.

Pressure can be a good thing, helping to focus the mind. However when the pressure is not managed, or becomes too great, it becomes stress.

Stress leads to:

  • Poor concentration
  • Poor sleep
  • Difficulties with memory and recall
  • Irritability

All of which can lead to poor results.

State of mind can have as much effect on exam results as academic ability.

You Can Learn How to Maximize Your Potential.


Aside from developing positive study habits, there are two main interventions which can help with preparation for exams:

  • Relaxation.According to a study published in the Journal of School Counseling in 2010 (USA), learning correct relaxation exercises has ‘a significant effect in reducing test anxiety’.
  • Hypnotherapy and self hypnosis. Hypnotherapy has become a very common intervention in helping with stress, confidence and motivation. Self hypnosis is a simple technique that can be used to develop a sense of calm and keep your mind focused.

A well designed programme will help you to

  • Discover your own internal resources
  • Learn to focus on your strengths instead of weakness’
  • Let go of comparisons with others
  • Increase self belief
  • Overcome fear of failure

As a qualified, accredited and experienced hypnotherapist specializing in the areas of stress and anxiety, I can help you or your child to develop the correct mindset for exam success.

The programme

The Positive Changes Exam Success Programme can be delivered either as an audio course or in 1-2-1 sessions at my practice in Worksop.

Who is this programme for?

This is for anyone who is preparing for exams and is:

  • Worried about the outcome
  • Finding it difficult to concentrate while revising
  • Feels stressed or anxious at the thought of taking exams or has felt that way in previous tests

This programme is useful in other ways too. Top athletes and sports professionals have a coach to help with their mindset and mental preparation. They don’t have coaches because there is anything wrong. They have a coach because they understand the value in correct preparation, and because they know that a 1% improvement can make all the difference.

Why This Programme is Helpful

Our body cannot tell the difference between something real and something that is vividly imagined. If you’ve ever watched an action film you’ve probably experienced your heart racing and your palms sweating in response to something that was happening on screen. Perhaps you’ve experienced a similar thing in a restaurant when you found yourself salivating just by reading the menu. In both cases, your body has had a physical reaction to something that only exists in your imagination.

When we are faced with danger, our bodies react and go into what is called the fight or flight response. The heart will begin to race and breathing will become more shallow. For exam preparation, a little of this can be a good thing.  It will lead to feelings of excitement and will generally heighten our awareness. However too much of it can lead to feelings of anxiety, stress and even panic. Even worse, our ability to think is impaired which makes problem solving and recall difficult. As in the examples of watching a film or reading a menu, the danger does not have to be real or physical. The very act of worrying about a stressful situation or having any kind of negative thoughts about the outcome is enough to trigger the fight or flight response.

Using this programme will help you or your child to understand and take control of what they are thinking and therefore how they are feeling. It is very easy to slip into habits of negative thinking patterns, and this programme will help to reset those and to create a positive mindset of confidence, clarity and focus.

How Does it Work?

Learning correct relaxation.

A study published in the Journal of School Counseling (USA) in 2010 reported that relaxation interventions have ‘a significant effect in reducing test anxiety,’ according to The Washington Post.

The first thing that is learned is relaxation. At times of stress our muscles become tense, and like a memory foam mattress, they hold onto that tension which can become a habit. A tense body can lead to a tense mind. Learning the habit of relaxation resets the memory foam effect and helps us to let go of any tension.

Hypnotherapy for creating the correct mindset.
There are different forms of hypnosis. The one that is used on this programme is a very deep state of relaxation. You may have experienced a similar state when waking up in the morning. A time when you are fully awake and alert, yet are not ready to open your eyes. It’s a state where your mind is clear and free from the interruptions which often plague us during waking hours. In this state your mind is open to new ideas and new ways of doing things and it is at this time that positive suggestions are made to let go of unhelpful thoughts and to create a new and more empowering mindset.

What is Included?

The audio programme includes the following elements.

PDF Documents

  • How to use the recordings
  • A simple breathing exercise which can be used to feel calm quickly in difficult situations
  • A 2 minute relaxation technique which can be used anywhere, including during an exam to clear the mind and to refocus
  • General tips about study and exam preparation

Non hypnotic recordings

  • A recording of the 2 minute relaxation to aid in learning

Hypnotic recordings

  • Learning to relax. This teaches you to condition yourself to relax deeper and more often. It’s useful for anyone, not just those taking exams!
  • Super confidence. This recording is also useful for anyone. Learn at a subconscious level how to turn up your confidence, concentration as well as how to turn down any unwanted feelings or thoughts.
  • Great revision and preparation. This recording is designed to create the correct mental state for revision and to aid memory and recall.
  • The perfect exam. This is the core of the programme. It’s used to create the correct mental state and preparedness for the exam.

The recordings last between 10 and 30 minutes each. You can listen to an excerpt from the Great Revision recording below.


If you or your child chooses to engage in the 1-2-1- programme, the sessions will broadly follow the same content and will be customized match specific needs. In addition, any special areas of concern and unique challenges will be addressed. A copy of the audio programme will also be given to re-enforce the learning*.

How is the Programme Used?

The recordings are designed to be listened to in a quite place using headphones. The most benefit comes from listening to them several times, although not all of the recordings will be needed by all students. The PDF document entitled How To Use the Recordings will help you to decide which ones will be most beneficial.

Although the most benefit will be gained from listening to all of the recordings, in order, over a period of 4-6 weeks, it is possible to benefit over a shorter period too. For example if the exams are happening soon the recommendation would be to begin practicing the breathing exercise, listen to the Learning to Relax recording at least once followed by The Perfect Exam recording 2 or 3 times. These can be done on successive days and so a benefit can be gained in less than a week.

You can purchase the Exam Success Audio Programme here.

The 1-2-1 Programme

We all learn differently and the challenges that we face are unique to us too. That is why the 1-2-1 programme can provide additional benefit over the audio course. Although it would be possible to cover some important aspects in one session, a series of sessions tailored exactly to the student will have the most benefit. As no two people are alike, it isn’t possible to predict exactly how many sessions will be required in advance. However  most people will benefit from between 2 and 4 sessions, while students who suffer from severe anxiety may require more. It would be unusual for anyone to require more than 6 sessions.

Special offer – 20% of all 1-2-1 meetings for exam students**

* A minimum of 2 sessions are required to qualify for this special offer.
** 1-2-1 sessions are prices at only £40 per hour instead of the usual £50.

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The Exam Success Audio Programme for primary school aged children

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